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Cyberabad Police Say Prima Facie Evidence Of Misuse Of Voter Information
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Cyberabad Police Say Prima Facie Evidence Of Misuse Of Voter Information

Team Lede

Team Lede

As the ‘data theft’ war intensifies between Telangana and AP, the police are fighting back a number of difficult queries about whether the force is being used for political purposes

In a press statement, Cyberabad Police gave further details on the raids on IT companies alleged to have stolen data from the Andhra Pradesh government.

Here are the salient points of the press note.

  1. On 02 March Madhapur Police received a written complaint from Thummala Lokeswara Reddy, 40, Hyderabad alleging misuse of personal information and sensitive data of individuals by IT Grids India through ‘Sevamitra Application’.
  2. During the search, the following objects were seized.
  • Black colour – I’ Ball
  • Black colour – Dell CPU
  • Black colour – Zebronic CPU-2
  • Black colour- Dell
  • Black colour “M” Cab Series
  1. Also seized electronic gadgets, hard-discs, mobile phones, written documents and other “incriminating material”.
  2. The investigation till now has revealed that the said IT Grids India Pvt. Ltd. has got access of personal information and sensitive data of individuals related to Aadhaar, Electoral Roll, Government Schemes, voter’s information related to various political parties, etc.
  3. IT Grids also runs a “Sevamitra” application of Telugu Desam Party (TDP). Through this application, they have constituency wise voters’ data and affiliations of each voter party-wise i.e. TDP, YSRCP, Jana Sena and neutral. They also have an option to identify the preference of a voter for a particular party. The application also has the information of voter ID details, caste details and address of the voter.
  4. IT Grids also has got access to the beneficiaries’ data of the Andhra Pradesh government. The information is being used to make a profile of voters and use it for various political purposes.
  5. “Prima-facie, the investigation has revealed that a private company called IT Grids India Pvt. Ltd. has got illegal access of various personal and sensitive data of individuals which can be misused for illegal purposes. It is alleged that like deletion of voters. It is reliably learnt that about 45-50 criminal cases have been registered in various places of Andhra Pradesh about deletion of voters.”
  6. Cyberabad Police has issued notice to Amazon Web services for production of database relating to application and other data. They are also writing to UIDAI & Election Commission for more details.
  7. Arrest will be made as per law.