A view of the North Mara gold mine in Tanzania where conflict gold is being minedPic courtesy: Forbidden Stories 



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Additionally, it was raining heavily too. And due to seasickness, most of us started to throw up.

And as we were all tired to death, we slept on our own vomit…"

These were the words of 73-year-old Mohammed Basheer, a Keralite, who dared to migrated to Dubai in 1969 on a dhow illegally, when he was a mere 17 years of age.

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During the 1960s, unemployment in Kerala was forcing youth to migrate to the Arab Gulf in search of better living.

While many had already had the experience of migrating to South East Asian countries in 1940s and 1950s, people like Basheer were the first ones who dared to migrate to the Arab Gulf in search of fortune.

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