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Searches continue in Coimbatore city
Searches continue in Coimbatore city

Three Terror Suspects Picked Up, Questioning Begins

Searches continue in Coimbatore city for three more suspects who are alleged terrorists

A Joseph

A Joseph

As searches intensified in Coimbatore on Saturday, following an Intelligence Bureau alert about the entrance of six suspected terrorists of the LeT (Lashkar-e-Tayyaba) into the city, the Tamil Nadu police made three arrests.

They are on the lookout for three more suspects who are said to have been planning attacks on religious shrines in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

A Special Intelligence Unit of the Tamil Nadu police picked up Siddiq, belonging to Chennai and Zaheer from Ponvizha Nagar at Ukkadam in Coimbatore city for questioning.

They were kept at Karunya Nagar police station in Coimbatore district where Special Intelligence Unit officials from Chennai and DIG (Coimbatore Range) G Karthikeyan questioned the duo.

Police claimed that both these men were in regular contact with Abdul Kadher Rahim Kolliyil, a native of Thrissur over phone.

Rahim allegedly assisted the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba group which was planning attacks on a number of sensitive public spots in the city, including the Velankanni shrine, as per an Intelligence Bureau report released on Friday.

Later on Saturday, Kerala police said they had apprehended Abdul Khader Rahim from Thrissur. A lady from Wayanad has also reportedly been picked up for questioning in connection with the suspected terrorists.

On Saturday evening, the suspected terrorists who were being questioned at the Karunya Nagar police station in Coimbatore were taken to an undisclosed location for further interrogation.

They were escorted with two vehicles of the Striking Force personnel for security reasons.

Meanwhile, Abdul Khader Rahim Kolliyil, the Thrissur native, filed a petition before the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court at Ernakulam stating that he feared for his life.

The petition stated that Rahim was staying at the Thrissur address with his wife and two children.

“Petitioner did not able to complete his schooling due to financial crisis. Thereafter he joined in car workshop in Kodungaloor, and Chandrapinni for eking out his livelihood.

In August 2000, petitioner went to Bahrain and joined in workshop named Al Baroon Car Service. Thereafter different workshops namely (illegible) and finally Hawar Gate. Thereafter petitioner came from Bahrain at the end of the year 2018. Thereafter petitioner joined a workshop named Midwest at Kottayi Aluva. Since the sponsor named Bilal Ahamed Al Azani repeatedly asked the petitioner to rejoin in the workshop named Hawar Gate.

Accordingly petitioner went to Bahrain in July of 2019 in visiting Visa and negotiate with job terms with above sponsor. Where he met his earlier staff and it is realised that, she is in a (illegible) of person who involved Human trafficking, flesh and Brothel under the name of Night Club/Bar, and the same was intercepted by the Bahrain police and case was entertained against various authorities of Bahrain against owners of Bar Hotel and Night Club.

Wreck vengeance against the petitioner, they manipulate case with their own CID in Bahrain and threatening and intimidation ended in trapping of petitioner in above case.

The petitioner is very much fear to directly surrender before police (illegible) him serious fabricated cases as well as physical torture. Therefore petitioner has no other go other than to surrender before this Hon’ble Court to secure his life and right as a lawful citizen to get security provided under and guaranteed by the Constitution of India,” read the petition.

It is unclear as to what the police are likely to do with Rahim, since he has filed this petition before an Ernakulam court.

(This copy has been updated with the latest developments)