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Watch: Grinding To A Hault - Impact Of Slowdown On Fruit Vendors

Customers are thinning out & buying fewer fruits as they have little cash in hand, says a Chennai fruit vendor

Sriram Seshadri

Sriram Seshadri

Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharaman was annoyed when a journalist in Chennai asked her whether there was indeed a slowdown. She ducked the question and refused to answer it.

The Lede has delved into the auto sector, the auto component sector as well as the tyres industry to see how slowdown has hit people from the top to the bottom of the chain.

We now bring you a series of testimonies called “Grinding To A Halt” which will showcase the impact of the slowdown that does not appear to be visible to the government.

The first testimony in the series is of 50-year-old K Thavamani, a fruit vendor in Chennai.

Watch what she has to say in the video above.