Trivandrum is quiet as India goes under lockdown
Trivandrum is quiet as India goes under lockdown|Photo credit: Rejimon Kuttappan

March 25: COVID-19 Updates

This is a live blog dedicated to updates on the Coronavirus situation in south India

Team Lede

Team Lede

Karnataka: 51 positive cases in the state including 1 dead and 3 discharged.

Tamil Nadu: If anyone has cough, cold or fever, please speak to your doctor. You can also call 104 for guidance. Please follow social distancing. Stay at home. Vizhitthiru, Vilagiru, Veettiliru (be aware, stay apart & stay at home).

Tamil Nadu: I request families, friends, neighbours of people who have come from abroad to inform the police or district authorities if they are not observing home quarantine. 

Tamil Nadu: Rs 3850 crore allocated for fighting Coronavirus. 10,518 hospital beds are available. Rs 1000, 15 kg rice and pulses will be provided free through ration shops. 

Tamil Nadu: CM Edappadi K Palaniswami addresses the people of the state. 

Kerala: Two months social pensions to be distributed from March 27. 54 lakh people in Kerala will benefit from it.

Kerala: 1751 cases filed today across the state for those defying lockdown orders without proper reason.

Kerala: 9 fresh COVID-19 cases in Kerala today. 4 people had come from Dubai. 3 got it through local transmission. 1 returned from France & the other from UK. 122 new patients admitted with symptoms today. 

Tamil Nadu: CM Edappadi K Palaniswami to address the people of the state at 7 pm tonight. 

Kerala police have intensified its checking on the roads as people are defying lockdown and are on the roads with private vehicles.

On Tuesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a 21-day lockdown in the country to combat Coronavirus spread.

Kerala had already declared a lockdown on Monday till March 31.

On the first day of lockdown in Kerala on Tuesday, the police have registered 402 cases across the state for violating guidelines.

On Tuesday, Kerala Police chief ALoknath Behra came out on the streets and was seen advising people about the lockdown. He told the media later that the lockdown would be implemented very strictly from today and also said that identity cards and passes issued by police will be mandatory for travel.

At the same time, police have informed that those who use private vehicles must submit a declaration to police by revealing the purpose of travel. With this, social media started to circulate the application format of the affidavit. But as shops remained closed, there was no option to take a print out of the application.

Major restrictions imposed are as follows:

People who use private vehicles to travel must file an affidavit specifying the purpose of travel.

Strict action will be taken against the people who give fake details including name, vehicle number and address.

Only one person will be allowed in a vehicle apart from the driver

Vehicles carrying medicines and other essential materials will not be stopped

Taxi, autorickshaw and online taxis will be allowed only for purchasing essential items and medicines

The district police will issue a pass for employees in medical shops, grocery shops, milk shops, vegetable shops, data centre and internet-telecom sectors

Media personnel and government employees must carry their official ID while travelling.

Latest figures from south India.

Kerala: All beverage outlets to be shut from today.

Tamil Nadu: First COVID-19 death reported in the state. A 54-year-old man dies in Madurai hospital early Wednesday morning. He had COPD, uncontrolled diabetes & hypertension as co-morbidities.

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