Testing for Coronavirus in Kerala
Testing for Coronavirus in Kerala|Photo credit: Reuters

March 28: COVID-19 Updates

From the five south Indian states

Team Lede

Team Lede

Karnataka: The three cases of patients turning positive with no travel history whatsoever are those who have been tested for SARS. This is a new test that has been ordered for all those who have severe respiratory issues.

Karnataka: All primary contacts of a positive patient will be put into government sponsored quarantine. These contacts will be classified as high risk primary contacts who will be kept at a hospital in isolation. The second category is the not so high risk primary contacts who will be kept at a Government guest house or hotel. There are about 1000 plus primary contacts. The government's decision comes in the wake of the health squads quarantining 31 patients so far for violating the norms of home quarantine. The high risk category are those who have lower immunity levels because of co-morbidities like high BP, heart ailments, diabetes etc.

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