Watch: Who Is Responsible For Migrants?
Migrant workers walking hundreds of kilometres to get homePhoto credit: Danish Siddiqui
Watch: Who Is Responsible For Migrants?
Prof Irudaya Rajan, an authority on migration, lays threadbare the mistakes made by the government & urgent solutions needed

Thousands of migrants have hit the scorching roads of India, trying to get back home, after a month and a half of lockdown.

Hunger, lack of work and no salaries have compounded the existing anxieties over the Coronavirus.

Governments have treated these migrants with anything from contempt to disregard.

So what has gone so horribly wrong? Why is India unable to care for her migrant workers?

Professor S Irudaya Rajan speaks exclusively with The Lede in a candid interview, showing how state and central governments are staring at a humanitarian crisis of their own making.

Watch the video below.

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