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Exclusive: Two Women Script History, Trek Sabarimala

Exclusive: Two Women Script History, Trek Sabarimala

Rejimon Kuttappan

This comes three months after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on women under the age of 50 entering the shrine 

By Rejimon K

State wide protests will be held for two days as the CPIM-led state has betrayed thousands of Hindu believers by allowing two women to enter Sabarimala, a state BJP leader said.

“The CPIM government has played a dirty role. They have sneaked in two women in the wee hours of today. We have come to know that they were taken transported in an ambulance,” MT Ramesh, BJP State General Secretary, said in Thiruvananthapuram.

“To facilitate the visit of women, the CPM had deployed pro-Left police officials from Kannur,” Ramesh alleged.

“This is a betrayal. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan couldn’t do it in day time. This is a shame. They have failed,” Ramesh alleged.

The Kerala Congress too has announced protests along with the BJP over the Sabarimala row.

Kanakadurga and Bindu, two women from North Kerala, have reportedly trekked Sabarimala and prayed today early morning, a visual accessed by The Lede reveals.

The visuals reveal women walking into Sabarimala, praying and returning. Reportedly, they were escorted by police clad in black clothes.

According to news reports aired by television channels, Kanakadurga and Bindu visited Sabarimala at around 3:45 am.

Quoting Bindu, a television channel reported that the duo visited Sabarimala at 3:45 am and they left at around 4:10 am.

Meanwhile, talking to The Lede, a senior official from Pamba Police Station in Sabarimala said – “We are trying to confirm their visit.”

Women and girls aged between 10 and 50 are denied entry in Sabarimala to protect the deity’s celibacy.

However, a Supreme Court verdict in September 2017 stated that women are not inferior to man, and that the patriarchy of religion cannot be permitted to triumph over faith.

The 75-page verdict issued on 28 September 2018, read that biological or physiological reasons cannot be accepted in freedom for faith.

“Religion is basically way of life; however, certain practices create incongruities,” the verdict added.

Kanakadurga and Bindu had attempted to trek Sabarimala on December 24, 2018. However, they were forced to return due to protests by right wing groups in Sabarimala on that day.

Meanwhile, Rahul Easwar, a pro-Hindu leader, said that this is a condemnable act. “They have violated rituals. Even when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said yesterday that Sabarimala issue is a part of customs, such a kind of act is a condemnable one. We are coordinating with Hindu groups to confirm the incident,” Easwar added.