Demand For NSA Against A BJP Media Cell Worker

Demand For NSA Against A BJP Media Cell Worker

Kalyanaraman who had posted “insulting” messages about Prophet Mohammed and Islam is lodged in Cuddalore jail

On 17 November 2018, Islamic outfit, the Popular Front of India (PFI) filed a complaint in the Kuniyamuthur Police Station in Coimbatore district against BJP media in charge Kalyanaraman.

The complaint stated that the BJP member had posted messages on Facebook “insulting” Islam and Prophet Mohammed in an effort to create communal tension.

When action was not taken immediately, PFI members from all over the state began to file complaints in various districts across Tamil Nadu, finally forcing the police to file FIRs and take action.

And now they are demanding that the National Security Act be slapped on the BJP member for attempting to create communal disharmony in an otherwise peaceful state.

“BJP worker Kalyanaraman has insulted the Prophet, his wives and the Islamic religion,” Anwar Ali, President, PFI told The Lede. “ Two months ago we had filed a complaint in Coimbatore. Many others in different districts have filed FIRs. We wanted the police to arrest him under NSA sections since he had insulted Islam and the Prophet. Kalyaranaraman was arrested when he arrived to Chennai from Hyderabad. In a state where Hindus and Muslims live harmoniously, Kalyanaraman’s writings pose a danger to communal harmony. We demand that action be taken to protect peace by taking action against the vitriolic and fascist BJP,” he said.

Kalyanaraman was arrested on 02 February under Sections 153A (committing acts prejudicial to communal harmony) and 505 (2) (promoting hatred or ill will between classes) as he landed in Chennai airport from Hyderabad. The arrest was carried out by the Cyber Crime wing of the Tamil Nadu police.

He was then lodged in the Cuddalore jail rather than the Puzhal prison in Chennai as authorities stated in court that there was a threat to Kalyanaraman’s life based on a similar complaint filed in Chennai as well.

Hindu outfits in the state are furious at the development.

“BJP worker Kalyanaraman was arrested in Chennai and sent to Cuddalore,” said Arjum Sampath, leader of the Indhu Makkal Katchi, a fringe pro-Hindutva outfit told The Lede. “When they (police) shift him to Cuddalore prison, they state that there is a price of Rs 5 lakhs on Kalyanaraman’s head and that he will not be safe in Puzhal prison (in Chennai) and therefore he has been sent to Cuddalore. Isn’t the state government and police ashamed to make a statement like this? Should they take action on those who have placed a price of Rs 5 lakh on his head or should they take action on Kalyanaraman?” he asked.

“Doesn’t Kalyanaraman have freedom of speech? Should he not write what he wants on social media? The state only wants to arrest him because he has “insulted” Islam. They are afraid that the Muslims will protest. They want to satisfy the Muslims. The state and police is afraid. They are not willing to provide protection for Kalyanaraman. They want to slap NSA on him. We will fight this case legally and we stand by Kalyanaraman,” he stated.

Judge Pandi of a Coimbatore Court has asked Kalyanaraman to be present before the court again on 26 February for hearings in the case.

Since the murder of Ramalingam, a PMK leader allegedly over his opposition to religious conversions of Dalits by Islamists in Thirubhuvanam near Kumbakonam on 05 February, Hindu outfits have been protesting in the western belt of the state. Police have been deployed heavily in these areas to ensure the maintenance of law and order.

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