Puppy lying beside the King Cobra he killed while protecting his master.
Puppy lying beside the King Cobra he killed while protecting his master.|By Special Arrangement
Tamil Nadu

When Puppy Gave His Life Saving His Master From Snake

Four-year-old Indie dog bravely fought and killed a King Cobra that was hissing at his master, a farmer from Thanjavur.

Sudhakar Balasundaram

Sudhakar Balasundaram

Puppy was an Indie dog growing up in the silent agricultural village of Vengarayan Kudikaadi in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu state.

Puppy was raised by Natarajan a farmer, his wife Devaki and two sons Raghavan and Vivek along with Natrajan's father Arunachalam. All living under the same roof with Raghavan an Engineering graduate who is driving a cab and his brother Vivek a Bachelor of Commerce student.

Puppy had been with the family for four years.

Natarajan does farming in a 75 cent land where he grows vegetables, herds cows and rears chicken.

While Puppy is a bit wary of his master Natarajan, he playfully spent time with all the other family members in the household.

"Puppy has killed more than five snakes around the house. Last month Puppy alerted the family by barking at a snake in the cow-shed. The family members beat the snake dead. Puppy never slept on the floor, a gunny bag was his bed and he only slept on it," recalls the younger son Vivek.

When Natarajan used to go for a bath in a nearby pond, he used to take Puppy along. After bathing, both used to go to the farm.

All this were to come to an end in an incident on that fateful day, which has plunged the entire family into terrible sadness.

At about 6 am on Saturday, when Natarajan was leaving home for his field, he saw a King Cobra hissing at him standing about 100 feet away from his door.

Puppy who noticed this, attacked the cobra. A tussle ensued and Puppy killed the cobra by biting its head off. But before Puppy overpowered the deadly snake, he was stung by it.

A brief while after the snake died and lay headless in Natarajan's courtyard, Puppy breathed his last.

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