A Number Of Hyderabad IT Firms Closed Due To Coronavirus Fears
A view of Hitech city in Hyderabad

A Number Of Hyderabad IT Firms Closed Due To Coronavirus Fears

Techies have been asked to work from home until further notice

A second IT worker has tested positive for Coronavirus in Hyderabad.

Her sample has been sent for re-testing to Pune Virology Institute, while she is being treated in an isolation ward at Gandhi hospital.

The patient came from Italy two weeks ago and had attended office for one day. Later she was moved to isolation.

In light of this all IT companies near that area in Hitech City have been closed for cleaning and have advised employees to work from home until further information.

The companies have also assured employees that there will be no impact on leave or attendance for availing work from home due to the current scenario and have informed employees to report to their line managers if they experience any flu or cold symptoms (fever, breathing difficulties, persistent cold), say company officials.

Those who had been in touch with the patient are also being monitored to avoid the spread of the virus.

Fearing Coronavirus, many IT employees have formed long queues outside Gandhi Hospital to check for symptoms.

Talking to The Lede Dr Sanjeev Singh Yadav, Telangana secretary of the Indian Medical Association detailed the COVID19 Government of Telangana action plan.

“All departments are to provide logistics support to the health department. Information, education and communication has been stepped up in all media. We have set up 104 helpline numbers with 40 lines for providing answers to the public,” said Dr Yadav.

“Gandhi Hospital has been set up as the nerve centre for established cases and isolation wards have also been set up at Army Hospital and TB (Chest) Hospital. If there are more cases then we are planning to take a vacant building in the periphery. The Telangana government has allotted Rs 100 crore funds to treat Coronavirus. In view of preventing and controlling the spread of virus in crowded public places, the IMA (Indian Medical Association) has deputed 16,000 doctors to reach the public. Pulmonologists and other staff will be arranged as soon as possible,” says Dr Yadav.

P Sharath Kumar, an IT employee works in the same building as the newest positive patient with Coronavirus. “I was clueless about what is happening in the office,” he told The Lede. “Like every day I went to office. All of the sudden we got a message to leave the office and work from home informing us that there is a corona positive case in our building. They said they were closing the office for sanitisation as a precautionary measure. We were informed not to attend office until further communication. We have been flooded with messages of what has happened and precautionary measures to be followed to control this virus. We were informed to report to our line managers if we face any health issues,” he added.

Another IT employee named Mahesh Kumar told The Lede that they were quite panicked when they heard that their colleague had tested positive. “We all were panicked when we got this information because we got to know that the virus can sustain on objects for more than a week. So we don’t know how many of us are affected with this virus. Since we all use the same elevator and many common things, many of our colleagues visited Gandhi Hospital for test as a precautionary measure.”

In 24 hours, 47 cases have been detected in Hyderabad out of which two were shown positive. The first case was a man who had arrived from Dubai to Bengaluru and taken a bus from there to Hyderabad

Hospital authorities say that Coronavirus affected patients are stable and doing well.

Using the panic to their advantage, pharmaceutical shops near the affected areas have raised the cost of the masks stating that there is a shortage of masks. They are now selling each mask at Rs 20-25 per mask while the actual cost is between Rs 8-10.

An unfortunate development has also resulted from the detection of two positive Coronavirus cases in Hyderabad. A photograph of a person in hospital is doing the rounds of social media and WhatsApp with the message that he is the reason for the spread of Coronavirus in Telangana. Many hate messages have been posted online as a result.

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