Weddings Postponed In Telangana Due To Coronavirus
Weddings in Telangana are getting postponed

Weddings Postponed In Telangana Due To Coronavirus

Disappointed brides and grooms to be & wedding planners are pushing their big dates by six months

Think larger than life weddings and Telangana, specifically Hyderabad, comes to mind. The city has long vied with its own residents in holding large, gaudy and expensive weddings hosting thousands of guests.

In a recent rule passed by Telangana government to close the function halls and not to take any marriage orders after March 31 is worrying many parents and event planners who planned to get married in the month of April and May.

In the recent rule passed by the Government it is stated that no marriage orders should be taken after March 31 and the marriages whose date and function halls already booked in March will be allowed to invite only 200 guests.

Talking to The Lede, 52 year old K Padma from Bhadrachalam, who is a parent of the groom says this is the first marriage in the family. “We thought of conducting the marriage for five days and hold events which included Sangeeth and many others. We have already given advances for all these events and have distributed two thousand wedding cards. Government has passed the rule to not invite more than 200 guests but we cannot stop people from coming for the marriage because we already distributed the cards long back.

Because of fear of Coronavirus no one is willing to attend the marriage. We are worried that all our arrangements will go in vain. This is a huge loss for us,” she rued.

32 year old P Naresh who is currently working in the US says – “I came to India for my marriage. I took one month leave thinking that I will complete the engagement, marriage and then take my bride back with me. After coming here I got to know that this new rule has been passed that we cannot book function halls.

I know that this is a good precautionary measure taken by the government to control this virus and I respect them. But for those of us who stay abroad, it is tough. Because we save all our leave in order to take a long holiday and stay in India.

Because of this rule now my marriage got postponed and I cannot even go back immediately to work because the US embassy is closed. Now I have no option but to stay in India. I have had to postpone my marriage by another six months,” he said.

Wedding and event planners too are worried. S Swaminath who is an event planner says they are running at a big loss. “This is the marriage season and usually we get many marriage contracts. But now because of this rule we are in a huge loss. We have to give salaries to our team. We get profits mainly in summer season because of marriages. But now we are in loss and those clients who already booked are coming and asking for a refund. If we say we cannot give a refund now our relation with the client goes for a toss,” he said.

Speaking to The Lede, the Telangana Health Minister Etela Rajendra said – “This is an emergency time and we are doing this for public safety. We request public to cooperate with us.”

The Minister further stated – “If we see in Kerala, only 15 members are allowed for marriage. Also if there is any loss in the family, then only family members are allowed for cremation.

Compared to this we would say we are liberal.

We appeal to the public to avoid large gatherings and those who are suffering from cough and fever not to attend any marriages. We request people to maintain hygiene and avoid shaking hands. By following these rules, we can control the spread of virus,” he added.

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao warned the people that serious action would be taken against those who violated rules passed by the government.

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