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Karur: Band-Aid In Biriyani 

A used Band-Aid inside biriyani served at the renowned Thalappakatti Biriyani has caught the attention of Food Safety officials

Team Lede

Team Lede

Kavin Kumar from Erode decided to have a sumptuous biriyani lunch with his friends at the renowned restaurant chain Thalappakatti Biriyani situated near the Karur bus stand.

To his shock, as he was eating, he found a used Band-Aid inside his bowl of biriyani.

A heated argument broke out between him and the staff at the restaurant, following which Kavin Kumar informed the Food Safety authorities over phone.

Food Safety official Subbaiah conducted an inspection at the restaurant following his complaint. He inspected the rest of the biriyani in the restaurant to check whether there was any further contamination and also checked the food on the tables of other patrons of the restaurant.

Subbaiah also queried the kitchen staff as to whether anyone had had an injury on their fingers due to which they may have worn a Band-Aid.

Restaurant staff informed the official that the entire supply of food was cooked in Dindigul and had been transported to the Karur outlet. Food Safety officials will inspect the Dindigul head kitchen of the restaurant next and they have issued notice to the restaurant, giving them a week’s time to provide an explanation as to how such an incident occurred.