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Mother Kills Child, Self Over Marital Discord

She threw her 4-year-old son and herself into a well filled with tannery effluents

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Team Lede

On Monday, Roobini, 26, took the drastic step of throwing her 4-year-old child Mukesh into a well and then jumped in herself.

Roobini who hails from Maathoor village close to Pernampet in Vellore district, was separated from her husband due to various differences. She was living alone with her son.

When family difference rose once again, Roobini took this step.

Villagers informed the fire brigade about this and when the fire officials went into the well, they found tannery effluents mixed in the water. They then had to pump out all the water from the well to retrieve the body of Roobini. It took several hours longer to retrieve the body of 4-year-old Mukesh.

The Pernampet police station is investigating.

(Suicide is not an answer for any troubles. If you are depressed or having suicidal thoughts, you may contact suicide helpline Sneha at 044-2464 0050)