Help The Middle Class Too
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Help The Middle Class Too

A reader's take on what the Prime Minister needs to do to help the middle class

At the outset let me tell you that I am a fan of Narendra Modi. I heard his speech today. I completely agree with what he said but disappointed that he didn’t say a few things.

I am a middle class person. We live on a monthly salary. My husband employs three people and also brings home some money. For the last one year business has been very bad. He has been using our savings to pay salaries and rent for his office. Modiji says pay salaries but does he know the difficulties in it. Not that we are heartless but that we just don’t have any money.

He allots money for the poorest and the migrant labourers and agriculturists but what about the middle class?

He could tell the banks to give either interest free loans to those whom they feel fit will repay or at least a loan with minimal interest. The fixed deposit interest rates have plummeted and we have no option but to cut or not give salaries at all.

The lower income groups are being given Rs 1000 by the state government. My maid came and told me “why don’t they credit this money to the bank, instead of payment in cash” because she says that the cash does not reach all the people. They give out tokens and those who do not get the tokens do not get the money. Who will dare to ask the government for it? In this I would say that Modi’s DBT has become very popular, overriding corruption.

I gave Rs 10,000 to the PM CARES fund. If just 5 crore people donated Rs 10,000 the amount will be Rs 50,000 crores and of course the high end businessmen can contribute more. In this way we can have enough money to fight this virus without any aid. But and it is a big but - the Prime minister should recognise our efforts and give us sops to get out of this economic mess.

I always hear that the agriculturists need to be helped. Okay!!! They do not have any tax to be paid, when it rains their loans get waived and when it doesn’t rain their loans get waived. The top VVIPs get their loans and the bottom also get loans.

The middle class needs to be taken care of too.

(The author is a soft skills specialist based in Tamil Nadu. All opinions are the author's alone and not necessarily that of The Lede's.)

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