Poem For My PM
A cartoon of PM Narendra ModiPhoto credit: Samaj on Pinterest

Poem For My PM

A reader expresses herself about her Prime Minister

Democracy. Democracy! Democracy?

In this market of words,

please don’t sell me

old lies and deceits,

garbed in new clothes

of expensive receipts

In this chartered world,

there is no need for battered

bruised barter of verse,

empty in its promises and

only doomed to go worse

In this market of democracy,

don't make a mockery

selling me hopes in

hollow hiatuses of

derelict crockery

In this derailed world

there is no need to abjugate,

compasses of truth in delusional

voices of delirious practices

In this auction of abject

ruse and subterfuge,

I'm not the one who is buying.

I'm not the one who is buying.

(The author is a writer, singer, actor and a freelance journalist with various media houses. All opinions are the author's alone and not necessarily that of The Lede's.)

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