Staying Positive During Lockdown
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Staying Positive During Lockdown

A reader writes about her efforts to keep herself and her family happy during trying times

The day it was announced that we are now locked up in the house to be safe and secure. The very moment started the journey of lots of emotions together as I didn't see my parents for more than a year now and I had booked my flight excitedly waiting to fly and run to hug my parents, but everything came to a standstill and I realized we can't go home right now but now next was what will be my strategy at home to cope up the lock down with high spirits and positivity.

Friends, I believe that when you guide your thoughts to positivity it emits the positive energy at the place where you are staying and turn everything just the effective way in the most amazing thought process.

The first thing that was a priority was how to make my son's life in lockdown at home at best of their energy without the mobiles and then begin the journey of transforming my son's heart and mind by making them realize that this was the gifted time for them to create their own things and mark in the history of lockdown diaries with their creativity at par and every alternative day my son’s created a new game which I played with them in the most enthusiastic way to honour their creations.

And for some time both my sons watched TV and laptop too to relax, but my vision was to see them calm at heart and mind without getting irritated or angry to go outside. The kids who give much time on mobile phones tends to develop an irritated behaviour so it's important that during lockdown days try to get involved with your children to help them utilize the time in the best way possible as a great winner. It's now so many days at home and I see the beautiful smiles of my sons every morning that energize me that we are winning it every day.

One day by mistake my younger son broke an earthen pitcher and was sitting very sad so I explained him that it broke to give you the opportunity to paint it in the most beautiful way and he looked at me smiled and painted it in the most colourful way and this activity helped him to feel happy that he could transform a broken thing into a constructive activity.

While my sons were happy and positive, it was important for myself too to be the happiest as I feel that when you are happy you can bring smiles on every face you meet. And I started composing poetry and started bringing my emotions and my thoughts to the paper with the ink of my love, passion and vision.

I am the founder of Vision India forum of 400+ educators across the nation so I started online parents counseling in every school to help every parent to calm their hearts and minds to guide their kids the best way possible and also started sharing the success stories of each educator so that this lockdown also make them smile, inspire and love to celebrate what they have achieved so far. I also got the honour to publish my course at the prestigious International Long Term Economy, received the most prestigious Nelson Mandela Global Leadership award by the Global Youth Parliament.

All this beautiful news amid of the lockdown gave me smiles each morning with the first ray of light.

This is the best time to utilize it in making yourself a better person and improve yourself in the best way possible to give this world a new better version of yourself to celebrate the moments in life.


(The author is an educationist in Telangana. All opinions are the author's alone and not necessarily that of The Lede's.)

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