Lockdown Blues: Forced Leave & Its Injustice
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Lockdown Blues: Forced Leave & Its Injustice

A reader shares her thoughts on why women should be allowed to choose when to take leave

I'm a software professional in one of India's largest IT firms.

I would like to share my thoughts about anxiety faced by several software professionals and various opinions.

Many employees have been fearing job losses.

So when a company announces some pay hike and instead sends employees on forced leave there is lot of rejoicing among many that at this junction money is the need of the hour.

While this might be true for a majority of the section, it is not the case with lady employees.

Ladies have to juggle between taking care of job and family.

To them accumulated leave is like savings. Though they would have felt tired on certain days and preferred to take leave, they would have instead worked for reserving this leave for a future purpose.

Especially with ladies having elderly aged family members to take care of or young kids who fall sick often, you never know when you need to take leave.

Medical reason of a family member is always a priority and running on top of mind. Ladies compromise their own health in the process of saving accumulating leaves in order to care for a family member when required.

Sending employees on forced leave is like denying them future work life balance.

This can be given as an option however it shouldn't be forced.

Different employees have different motivation factors, while hike could be a motivation for some, adequate time off from work can be motivation for another.

(This write up has been sent to The Lede by Dhanya Shankar. All opinions are the author's alone and not necessarily that of The Lede's.)

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