Bring Back Indians From Kuwait Using Amnesty

Bring Back Indians From Kuwait Using Amnesty

A reader writes an appeal to the Indian government

Kuwait government has declared amnesty until April 30 due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Advantages of this amnesty is that the illegal residence can leave the country without any fine, free ticket and possibility of returning again legally. Kuwait has already processed applications from Philippines, Egyptians and Bangladeshis and majority of them are already reached their home country.

Indian workers can benefit amnesty from April 16 till 20. Kuwait authorities have already started processing the applications and more than 1800 Indians registered for amnesty on the first day itself. People with valid passport can register and they will be sent to the designated shelters until Kuwait get greenlight for their travel arrangements by the Indian Government. More than 3500 Indians are expected to be benefited from the amnesty in the coming days. So it’s a heavy responsibility of Kuwait authority to arrange accommodation and food during this pandemic crisis along with the Kuwait partial curfew! But thanks to Kuwait for their humanitarian hand to help those in need.

This scenario is not the same as other residents holding valid visa and cannot say to these people to "Stay where you are"! How long a country can support such a huge group with personal care? None of the Indian Associations are able to raise their hands for them due to the complete lockdown of some areas! Therefore Indian government should take immediate decision to bring back at least these amnesty benefited workers from Kuwait. Otherwise the chance for them to return legally will be out of reach!

(This write up has been sent to The Lede by Tom Joseph Mattathil. All opinions are the author's alone and not necessarily that of The Lede's.)

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