New Learnings From Lockdown
‘Stay Home Stay Safe’Photographer: Andrey Popov

New Learnings From Lockdown

A reader finds innovative ways to teach students during lockdown

New Learnings From Lockdown

Let’s consider staying indoors as a choice. A choice we make to keep ourselves and our dear ones safe.

This is a period of rejuvenation, innovation and reinvention. In terms of work, this ‘house arrest’ is not necessarily an issue and may actually be a new development.

For example, as lecturers, we have started a new platform for our students. So as an educator, it is a time to explore the new ways of teaching and learning, which we never experienced, and effective relations with our students.

Using this period effectively for our students as well as our professions will be a positive move towards lockdown.

As an educationalist, I really enjoy the new platform of our online courses which we thought would never come into reality for many reasons. No doubt it was an experimental learning and constantly connecting and engaging with our students who are far away via the new platform.

At this juncture, it would be good to think how the lockdown might have affected the pre–existing conditions of loneliness or the arrest situations are new, whether video calling or other tech is helping to alleviate the isolation of those category.

If we have found any coping remedies or lessons to take forward when our lockdown period ends, it can create a positive impact. As we know close family members who can serve as a buffer to minimize the potential stress reactions too.

Thereby, we are all trying to stay connected through calls, texts, and other virtual means through which we can contribute a lot to have a sense of unity and togetherness.

‘Stay Home Stay Safe.’

(This write up has been sent to The Lede by Saji Uthappan, a lecturer based in Muscat. All opinions are the author's alone and not necessarily that of The Lede's.)

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