The Weight Of Wait
"Some day, surely, the burden will lift..."

The Weight Of Wait

A reader who is stuck in California along with her husband, longs to come home

If I stare long enough at

the distant sea,

perhaps I will see home.

Home, a four letter word,

containing within its walls

a library of love.

But wait:

wait is a four letter word too.

Each letter slowly falls into my

lap, like a miserly coin.

The weight of wait,

the heaviest of them all,

an invisible marauder

enveloping you in its

thick cloak.

Drooping shoulders,

curving spine,

tired bones,

I wait and wait


Some day, surely,

the burden will lift

and I,



will take flight in

clear air.

(This write up has been sent to The Lede by Priyanka Sacheti, a writer based in Bengaluru. All opinions are the author's alone and not necessarily that of The Lede's.)

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