Quarantine Times
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Quarantine Times

Muskaan Khemka writes in to The Lede

Corona, you came as a shock

My kitchen suddenly needs more stock

A good time now to arrange my socks

Time passes so slowly, everytime I see the clock

Videos are trending on Tik-Tok

Seen so much Big Bang, I want to meet Spock

Food deliveries have come to a stop

Time to sort out old pants and tops

Client emails keep me glued to my laptop

In March, it’s already getting hot

Why not start to water the flower pot

Remember to wash your hands, a lot

Travel plans have come to a halt

Let’s be healthy and have food with less salt

Try to paint, read and do a somersault

Look at the sky, in shades of purple, pink and cobalt

Stock market is down, so put your cash in a vault

In the evening, care to join me for a single malt?

Endless scrolling on Instagram

No traffic or sound of any taxi and tram

For students, time off from their exam

Think we’re in the 90’s, and send a telegram

If you’re done with Netflix, watch an old Grand Slam

Be safe and cautious, not to hurt your diaphragm

All malls, theaters and shops are shut

Staying at home can drive one nuts

At least we’re secure, imagine people in huts

Make sure you move, and aren’t on your butt

This is the time expenses can be cut

Let’s try a puzzle, in one place staying put

Hats off to medical professionals and delivery boys

They’re unsung heroes, spreading only joy

Try a new hobby, no time to be coy

For dinner, try a new recipe of pak choy

Turn on some music, dance and enjoy

Try sudoku, photoshop and learn about Troy

Let’s meditate, relax and get fitter

Get news from only reliable sources on Twitter

Maintain a distance and don’t try to litter

Everyone needs a break, even your babysitter

Sort out clothes, even the plain ones with glitter

Learn how to cook, even if it tastes bitter

Read a book or magazine in peace

Once this is over, plan a family trip to Greece

Launder your bed sheets so they have no crease

Hats off to all on duty, especially the police

Wait for a new movie to release

Catch up on sleep, and video call your niece

Be kind and wear a mask

Hydrate yourself, don’t make it a task

Vitamin D is good, so in the sun, bask

Wash your hands, even if you touch a flask

Any questions, just google and ask

Relax and breathe, this too shall pass

Muskaan Khemka is an independent content writer and marketing consultant. She loves to dance and listen to Buddhist Chant in her spare time.

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