The Never Ending Lockdown!
"Once in a lifetime window to build some bridges"Matt Seymour/ Unsplash

The Never Ending Lockdown!

Hemant Chordia writes in to The Lede

The Lockdown brings in lovely days where everything is on hold,

It allows planet earth to heal and the truth be told!

Are the skies more blue and the trees more green?

Mother Nature needs a break and the beauty is seen!

The fresh new rhythm and our daily routine,

Is giving me a new high without any caffeine.

Sleeping eight hours instead of seven,

Has catapulted me into the vault of heaven!

A daily walk in the neighborhood instead of a club workout,

Makes us appreciate the outdoors, beyond any doubt.

Golf and badminton have gone for a six,

No more after game gossip about power politics!

The slowness and the quiet percolates inside,

The Golden truth that moderation is your best guide!

Appreciating that few things are all you need,

Rest are superfluous, born out of greed!

Heaven sent opportunity for family bonding,

Also Connecting with the dear ones far away!

Once in a lifetime window to build some bridges,

Breaking walls of mistrust, through love and nudges!

Exploring the nooks and corners of our house,

Discovering that less is more as we browse!

How happy would we be with just a bit,

Though blessed we are all, as luck would have it!

Learning new ideas, advanced terms through webinars,

Passing time constructively through the morning hours!

Forced to make payments without office assistance,

Learned digital banking and mobile finance!

There is a duality of support and positivity,

With an undercurrent of deep anxiety.

There are hungry homeless migrants,

Good samaritans are meeting their requirements.

The economic aspect of this pandemic is terrifying,

The silence is disturbing, yet that we are enjoying.

A little ode to the grocers and the delivery boys,

Who helps us survive without much fanfare and noise.

A word of respect to the medical fraternity,

Salutations to the police in this insanity.

Just cannot wait for this to be over,

This virus, though, seems to be no pushover.

We have the luxury of all the comfort,

Our house is no less than any resort!

Full of gratitude to all my family and friends,

For their companionship until all this ends.

Hemant Chordia is a 57 year old grandfather of two who loves badminton, golf, wildlife and travel.

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